Selling A property

If you are selling a house or commercial property then you must obtain a BER Certificate. The sale of the property cannot be processed by a Solicitor without a valid BER cert. It is also illegal to advertise the sale of a property without a valid BER cert number displayed. Property websites such as daft.ie and myhome.ie, will generally not accept an new property advertisement unless the BER number is provided. Once completed, we will issue a copy of the BER to you the client as well as your auctioneer and solicitor. A BER certificate is valid for 10 years from the date of issue.


If you are renting out your home or commercial premises to any third party, the responsibility falls on you, the building owner, to obtain a valid BER certificate for that property. From the 1st January 2009 it became a legal requirement for any person who owns a property for rent to have a valid and up to date BER certificate in place. The Government and local authorities can impose fines on the owners of properties not holding a valid BER cert and who are leasing the property. A BER certificate is valid for 10 years from the date of issue.

SEAI Grant

Upgrades to your home which qualify for an SEAI Grant will generally require a BER cert to enable the drawdown of the grant funds. Typical upgrade works include external insulation works, cavity wall pumped in “bead” insulation, attic insulation, boiler replacement and heating control upgrade works. The contractor, which will usually be a registered plumber or insulation provider, will instruct you on when the BER cert is to be carried out. It is generally carried out once all works have been completed. Our assessors carry out SEAI grant work paperwork on a daily basis and can ensure the smooth delivery of your grant payment.

Provisional BER

Prior to starting work on the construction of new house, a Provisional BER Cert will be required to be submitted to the building control unit of your local authority. This provisional certificate sets out the minimum required standards to which an individual house must be built to in order to meet current building regulations. Through consultation with the architect and home builder, all the options such as heating sources etc. are discussed and entered into the BER “DEAP” software. A full specification document is then provided showing exactly what is required for the completed house to achieve compliance with the BER.



BER’s for Houses and Apartments

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A BER for your business premises

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A BER issued prior to the construction of a property and calculated using the plans for the property

  • Diarmaid is a Chartered Engineer who has also been carrying out BER certs for the last 7 years. Diarmaid is based in Gorey, Co. Wexford. He set NextDay BER up 7 years ago
    Diarmaid O SuilleabhainChartered Engineer & BER Assessor
  • Michael has been carryout out BER assessments with NextDayBER for the previous year. Previous to this Michael carried out BER certs for a number of years. Michael is mainly based in Dublin and covers the majority of BER certs for NextDay BER in North Wicklow and Dublin.
    Michael BrettBER Assessor
  • Darren carries out both Domestic and Commercial BER certificates. He lives in Wicklow and is based in the Gorey office. Darren has been with NextDay BER for 6 years. Darren graduated from Carlow IT with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Construction in Sustainable Architectural Technology.
    Darren CogleyArchitectural Technologist and BER Assessor
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